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CollectMyThoughts was created by professionals in the learning and human resources industries. We got to thinking... "I can go to a website to find a restaurant review, or get feedback on a plumbing company, but I can't find any feedback on a learning management system?!"

We saw a need for a resource – an online "place" that would help others to view feedback about a myriad of learning and technology solutions. A place that would help to narrow down the many options so that the best solution for an organization could be selected. A place where users could provide their opinions in the form of ratings and feedback on various solutions, and also see what others have to say, too. All of this became CollectMyThoughts.

We hope that you'll take a few minutes to browse through the site, read some Reviews, explore the many Solutions in different categories, and look at the Vendors who provide those Solutions.

CollectMyThoughts is only as good as the feedback and commentary by its users, so we hope that you'll be a frequent, active participant in this unique online community.

Thank you for visiting CollectMyThoughts!


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